FLO Air Filter Yamaha YZ 450F (10-13) (PCF10X)


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Yamaha YZ 450F (2010 -2013)

All FLO® Air Filters include: 1 pair of gloves and 2 Shroud Filterskins


From everyday riding, to the most adverse conditions nature can dish out, you want engine protection you can count on. The FLO line of air filtration products will provide your motorcycle with maximum intake protection… day in and day out.

1. Coarse open-pore catches airborne dirt, grime and sand.
2. Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage.
3. Exclusively formulated adhesive withstands repeated cleanings, even with harsh solvents and biodegradable oils/cleaners.
4. Thick, flat foam sealing ring ensures maximum contact with your airbox, while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage.
5. Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers.


1. For most conditions and to prevent clogging, we recommend only oiling the portion of the Shroud FiltersTM that is pushed into the shroud.  Very little oil is required. Experiment what works the best for your conditions and cleaning convenience: i.e.. Using very little foam air filter oil; using a very light and easy to clean oil such as WD40 or Silicone spray; or simply running the Shroud FiltersTM dry.

2. Install the Shroud FiltersTM into each intake duct on the radiator shrouds by simply pushing the larger portion into place.

3. The square portion of the Shroud FilterTM will stick out creating a larger filter surface.

4. The installed Shroud FilterTM is mostly out of site, but can be easily pulled out to clean. Depending on riding conditions, most of the time only the Shroud FiltersTM require cleaning. Solving the YZ450F’s issue of inconvenient air filter access!

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