Plastic Renew – Motorcycle


Plastic Renew – Motorcycle

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All Motorcycles and ATVs

Includes Plastic Renew, sand paper, steel wool, and applicator towel

• Gives your bike that showroom shine
• Restores at least four complete bikes or two ATVs
• Works on any color
• Complete kit includes sand paper, steel wool, Plastic Renew chemical, and applicator towel. Plastic Renew is a complete plastic restoring kit. Scratches are sanded out first (sandpaper included). After the plastic is prepped, Plastic Renew is applied with a paper towel. 3 to 4 coats of Plastic Renew brings out the brilliant color and shine of new plastic. With Plastic Renew you don’t have to worry about building up or discoloring. This product will not come off from normal washing. If your plastic gets scratched again, just follow the same procedure to restore that like-new shine. Typical motorcycle restoration will only require about one-quarter and ATV about one-half the chemical in this kit.

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