Why You Need a Fan Assisted Oil Cooler On Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

by Apr 15, 2018Harley Davidson, Harley Oil Cooler, Motorcycle Oil Coolers

If you want your bike to take care of you, you need to take care of your bike. That’s why every Harley Davidson motorcycle rider needs a fan assisted oil cooler.

Riding is not safe, but we aren’t doing just doing this to make our lives shorter. We want to make it feel like a life worth lived. We want to explore the longer and more scenic way around.

Choosing the life of freedom doesn’t come without a fight. We are surrounded by obstacles day-to-day, on and off the road. If he wants to go against the grain, a man should have the grit and the endurance to survive the journey. Because in the end, it’s what a man conquers that defines his legacy.

A man is self-reliant. We know what we want and we stick with it. We know that we can rely on our instincts, smarts, and sense of self-preservation. We trust ourselves.

Still, he’s not above community. He knows he needs to build a strong support system around himself. He needs to surround himself with brothers that can back him up.

Above all, he needs to make sure that he can rely on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Bikers are already surrounded by a lot of enemies. The heat, rain, potholes, large insects, numb backsides, dumb highway drivers — these are nothing to a good rider.

But when your own motorcycle starts giving in to the harsh elements, this causes a lot of stress.

Superheated oil is no joke. Overheating in the middle of nowhere while you’re on a solo ride is more than unpleasant — it’s a catastrophe. It’s a lesson every rookie learns on their first ride.

If you want your bike to take care of you, you need to take care of your bike. That’s why every Harley Davidson motorcycle rider needs a fan assisted oil cooler.


Dangers of Unexpected Overheating

Overheating at an unexpected time or stretch of the road is disastrous. It’s inconvenient and irritating. It interferes with a man’s schedule, especially if you have somewhere to be.

If the next gas station or service is miles away, you would never know how long you can be trapped there. Some highways in the United States that are perfect for solo motorcycle riding rarely see another vehicle for days or weeks. You’ll be in your worst luck if you don’t have cellphone coverage or battery.

And in this situation, you can’t decide if it’s worse to be stranded during the day or the night. In the day, you’ll be faced with heat stroke especially in a place like Nevada. Water runs out. Thirst is a powerful sensation.

During the night, even if you are a big hulking menace of a rider, you are exposed to much more than a highway robber.

Even if your break downs happen to be unexciting, overheating directly leads to bike damage. The clutch palate may also burn and damage. Engine oil may also start to find ways to escape the system. These require serious repairs that require serious cash.

The parts to prevent overheating are less expensive than fixing the damage overheating has done.


Benefits Of A Harley Davidson Motorcycle With A Fan Assisted Oil Cooler

Peace of Mind

A fan assisted oil cooler on your Harley Davidson motorcycle gives you peace of mind, especially if you live in hot climate like Nevada or Utah. You will feel the difference. It’s never as hot as it usually is. However, it’s a silent partner. The fan operates quietly, blasting the hot air onto the road discretely . The threat of superheated oil and overheating is out of sight and out of mind.

Less Heat-Related Problems

If your Harley Davidson motorcycle isn’t under torturing temperatures close to its limit, it’s less likely to develop heat-related over time. This means you’re also likely to save on repairs, replacements, and future troubles down the road.


Increases Overall Performance

A cooler engine is an engine that performs better and smoother. It’s not held back and you can push it further. The amount of mechanical and thermal stress is greatly reduced. It doesn’t struggle as much as it usually does. You will feel the difference as soon as you install the fan assisted oil cooler on your Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Where to get a Fan Assisted Oil Cooler?

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