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Yamaha 1988 Big Bear 350 plastics

This 1988 Big Bear 350 plastic was in bad shape.  After using plastic renew it does look way better, and I am going to use a second bottle on my 2004 Kodiak 450 to get rid of the oxidation. Awesome product!

Mark Montgomery

FLO Oil Filters are amazing!

I was concerned about whether the PCS4BC spin on FLO oil filter was going to fit my 2022 BMW R1250RT because the side mounted OEM filter was short and squat and the FLO filter seemed taller/longer. I called tech support and the dude there gave me all the measurements of the filter. I measured from the engine out the distance and it seemed like it would fit, so I ordered it. Gotta say, the fit is perfect..even with the Wunderlich cylinder/crash bars installed. Awesome product...
This is my second  first one was for my BMW f800ST....50k miles on filter and never an issue.. Its the last filter you'll ever buy for your bike....

Eric Korzen

Won Loretta Lynn Championship with the Helmet Mohawk!

We love PC Racing for the awesome Helmet Mohawk and the FilterSkins. Also they have a really cool product that makes your plastics look new again on your bike (Plastic Renew). They have been an wonderful company to work with. We would recommend them to anyone!

Gage Dunham

PC Racing makes awesome products and have great customer support

I purchased and installed a ProSeal Air Filter gasket on my KTM 350 EXCF because I hate dealing with grease. I have ridden with it installed for a year I'm dusty deserts and forests and it has worked perfectly. I just upgraded to a KTM 500 EXCF and it was the first upgrade I performed. Goodbye grease.
PC Racing customer service is also top notch.
I would highly recommend this product. It seals securely and is simple to install.

John Collins

Plastic Renew is Magic!

My only regret is I did not discover Plastic Renew sooner! Having 2 kids that race on a national level you can imagine how many sets of plastics we go through. I decided to try Plastic Renew because I was sick of spending 100+ X 2 riders on a new set. I was 100% blown away by how great they looked, literally looks brand new. I added a photo so you can see the magic (no filter used on my photo) taken right after i used the product. This stuff is AMAZING! Super pumped I found this product as it keeps the bikes looking awesome and saves me a ton of money. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Kelsy Herrick

FilterSkins! best thing to have on any ride!

The PC Racing filter skins are one of the things we pack for every ride! it makes cleaning air filters 10x easier. we use them on our cry 450x Baja bikes as well as our gas gas 300 xc enduro bike. My favorite part about these skins is that you can stack them up on your air filter for multi-day rides. so after a long day of riding, all we have to is pop the seat off and peel a skin off and we are ready to ride again! another great PC racing product is the stainless steel reusable oil filter for the CRF 450x. this is a great way to increase oil flow through the motor and they are very easy to pull out, clean and throw them back in! overall this is a great company with very well thought out products built to make riders lives easier and bikes run better!(attached is a picture of a air filter with double filter skins being put in maxs bike during our last ride to Cabo)

Charlie Peltzer

The Fork Support is awesome!!

Love this product! Really helps to ensure you don’t compress your forks down while loading, definitely recommend to get one if you don’t have one already! Super convenient and easy to use!

Hunter Garcia

FilterSkins A must have!!

I keep a few of the FilterSkins with me at all times. Nothing better than turning a filter change into a 2 minute job!

Jason Hamborg

FilterSkins are a must have!

I’ve been using FilterSkins for the past 2 years and I will never go a day riding my motorcycle without them. I save so much money on filters and I’m not the guy to clean filters so it saves me. I can get 5-6 rides out of a filter!!! They are a huge life saver!!!

Mike Alessi

Great Product, Highly Recommend

I’m using the FLO oil filter on my 2019 Softail Street Bob and I couldn’t be happier with the product. PC Racing is a brand I definitely trust when it comes to my bike!

Lindsay Blalock
Motos N’ Lettos

Great Products!

Finally found a permanent solution for oil changes - instead of throwing away the oil filter every time I change the oil, I got a FLO Oil Filter. Works great!

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