Most Ask and Answered Questions.

Why do I need a fan assisted oil cooler?

Remember the saying “ Heat Kills” well every air or twin cooled bike runs too hot at different times throughout the day when riding. If everyone had a oil temperature gauge on their bike, they would be totally surprised to see that they reach well over 250 to 300 degrees at times during a ride without our cooler. Depending on the oil, the breakdown process of the properties start at 250 degrees and continue rapidly as the temperature increases. Heat effects performance, cylinder shut down, diminishes oil properties, puts more wear and tear plus unnecessary stress on your engine which all contributes to the longevity of your motorcycle. Protect your huge investment with our fan assisted oil cooler because it has been proven to reduce and control your oil temperature anywhere from 30-50 degrees depending on the bike and various variables. Our number one goal is to cool and control your oil temperature.

How many degrees will it reduce my oil temperature?

There are so many variables (e.g. size of engine, performance upgrades to engine, fuel emissions, ambient air temp, pavement heat, Johnny hot rod, etc.) that come into play to accurately answer this question, because every bike is different. But through our testing and feedback, it can be anywhere between 30-50 degrees. The hotter your bike runs, the more efficient our cooler becomes in reducing and controlling heat.

Do you still get enough air flow with your cooler mounted under the regulator?

Yes, through our testing we stand behind our claim that our system WILL reduce your oil temperature anywhere between 30-50 degrees. If your air flow slows down because of the speed you’re traveling, our dual fans producing 220 CFM’s will come into play adequately enough to continue our cooling process.

Does the cooler come as a complete kit?

Yes, it does come as a complete kit without optional LED mounts because of the different ways your LED light can be mounted. We do sell additional products and accessories to compliment our cooler e.g. cold weather covers, LED mounts, FLO reusable oil filters, etc.

Can you mix and match our cooling system with another brand?

Not only would it void your warranty, but you would be doing yourself a disservice. Our cooling system is designed to work together to give you the top performance – efficient cooler in the market today in reducing and controlling oil temp at all times whenever you start your engine until shut down.

Do you sell replacement parts for your cooler?

Yes, you can purchase any part of our cooler off our website www.ultracoolfl.com 24/7 or
by phone 775-241-9155
Monday through Friday
between 7am-3:30pm PT.

What warranty do you offer for your coolers?

We have a one year parts only warranty starting from your date of purchase providing that you completed your registration form within 45 days from purchase either online at www.ultracoolfl.com or by mail. You will also have to provide us your receipt when filing a claim. Our warranty claims have been less than a half percent for over the past two years. We pride ourselves with selling a high quality product.

Will the upgrade to the UltraCool Cooling System void my motorcycle manufacturer’s warranty?

NO – Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, aftermarket equipment which improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty. A dealer must prove that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before he can deny warranty coverage on that basis. To challenge a false claim, ask the dealer to put it in writing. If they refuse to give you a written statement, this is a violation of Federal law. The Federal Trade Commission, which administers the Magnuson-Moss Act, monitors compliance with warranty issues. Direct your dealer complaints to the FTC at (202) 326-3128.

How long will it take with installation of your coolers?

Approximately two hours or less depending on LED light installation choice. We have installation videos on our website www.ultracoolfl.com

Does oil always run through the heat exchanger when engine is running?

Yes, there is no thermal valve or shut off of any kind, it continually flows as designed as soon as you start your engine until shutting down.

Should I cover the cooler when riding in cold weather?

Yes, we recommend using our cold weather cover with built in magnets when riding below 55-60 degree ambient air temperature, depending on engine size and the heat it generates. Oil temperature needs to reach 200 degrees to dissipate the condensation in your oil. Note: Do not run fans with cold weather cover attached as they will suffocate and burn out.

Is the cooler waterproof from rain or washing bike?

Yes, we encourage you to wash it out once in a while from the grime and dirt we collect from the roads. All of our coolers are made to withstand the weather elements we come across. The covers come in stainless steel or powder coated black, aluminum exchanger and oil adapter, black nylon coated steel braided oil lines, IP68 waterproof powerful sealed fans, with waterproof wiring harness connectors and a sealed built in wire connector for our thermal switch.

Is there any maintenance to the cooler?

Yes, keeping it clean. Every time you have your oil changed, check out a couple of areas. First, check out your fans to see if any dirt or gravel has collected from the roads and wash it out if necessary. Second, check the oil lines for rub spots and leaks. Third, make sure the wiring is tight and secure.

How much more oil will I need to add with your cooling system?

About 4-5 oz because our aluminum exchanger is designed with small thin fins that dissipates heat very well and doesn’t need to hold very much oil.

At what oil temperature does the fans come on?

The thermal switch on your oil adapter activates the fans at 210 degrees and shuts off at 195 degrees no matter what mph of the bike. If your fans continually stay on, it’s probably from a hot running engine that makes the cooler work harder in controlling your oil temperature.

How many amps do your fans pull?

Together they draw 4.2 amps and are connected with our new relay harness mounted under the seat.

How much air do your fans produce?

Together they produce 220 cubic feet a minute.

How long will the fans last?

Our fans are rated for over 20,000 running hours.

Where do we draw power from to run our cooler?

Our new wiring harness with relay connects to the battery under the seat and is controlled by your ignition switch.

What type of oil lines do you use with your cooler?

We use steel braided oil lines with a back nylon coating and AN6 fittings.

What are the tie straps and 1” long slit rubber hose for?

The pieces of rubber hose supplied in your kit are for rub spots where the oil lines touch against your frame or each other that can stop the chafing and rubbing through the lines. The tie wraps keeps everything in place from moving.

Does or can your adapter move when removing my oil filter?

Our adapter has two tabs builtin on the back that sit and catch in your casing to keep it from rotating and loosening.

Are your coolers American made?

We purchase quality parts for our cooler from all over the world depending on availability, quality, with a competitive cost. All of our coolers are assembled together as a finished product in our Dayton, Nevada warehouse in the USA.

How long does it take to ship once I place an order? With what carrier? Do you ship overseas?

We ship same day if order is received before 10am Pacific Time, otherwise next day. We use USPS two day priority mail anywhere within the USA, unless you specify a certain carrier. We have shipped to all over the world.

Do we receive a tracking number?

If given an email, every order placed will receive a tracking number.

Does it fit custom bikes?

Our coolers were made for fitment to stock Harley Davidson Motorcycles. But, we have sold coolers to motorcycle shops that purchase our cooler and design their own bracket for fitment, they also give us the oil hose measurements with fittings desired because we manufacture in house.

Does it fit Morgan Threewheeler?

We have sold a lot of coolers for the Morgan with the SS Wedge motor with great cooling results feedback. But again, shops have made their own bracket for fitment and ordered the length of oil hoses (steel braided) from us with fittings. We have never seen the finished product installed on one or have installed one ourselves.

What is the weight and size of your coolers?

Our softail cooler (complete kit) weight is 6lbs and measures 9-⅞” long x 5” wide x 2-½” deep designed to mount vertical between your down tubes and above your regulator. Our FLH/Dyna cooler (complete kit) weight is 7lbs and measures 8-⅞” long x 3-½” wide x 2-¾” deep designed to mount horizontal below your regulator. The difference in weight between the two coolers is mainly the mounting bracket.

How does your point rewards system work?

From every purchase of any UltraCool products off our website, you receive rewards points to redeem at anytime on our website with another purchase.

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