Your motorcycle — specifically, your Harley-Davidson — is a beast on the road, and to keep it running, you need to understand what makes it tick. While gasoline is the fuel that keeps it on the go, it’s important to keep in mind that another liquid plays a crucial role in your engine’s performance, and that is the oil. Therefore, the Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler is something you should look into for better performance.

Lubrication is the primary purpose of engine oils, but in addition, it also works to keep the motorcycle cool — regardless of whether it primarily uses a coolant or is air-cooled. It does this with the help of a specially designed Harley-Davidson oil cooler.

What you need to know about Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler

How does it work?

An oil cooler is essentially a small radiator that contains several thin pipes or coils. Oil enters one end of the radiator, passes through these thin pipes, and exits the radiator from the other end, causing heat to dissipate in the process.

Most people tend to think that oil coolers only work while the motorcycle is running at top speed. While it is true that oil coolers do work more efficiently at dispersing heat this way, bike specialists say that they also continue to shed heat even while the motorcycle is going slowly or even parked.

Why should motorcycles use oil coolers?

Keeping engine oil at a low temperature is essential because oil can begin to break down or deteriorate when it exceeds the normal operating temperature. The typical lifespan of engine oil is a few thousand miles; with frequent use and high temperatures, this lifespan can be quickly reduced.

In order to preserve the quality of the oil for a longer period of time, it is considered best practice to change the oil as needed in order to boost its lubricating ability, and to use an oil cooler (which can lower the oil temperature by as much as 30 percent) so that the motorcycle can enjoy the use of high-quality oil longer.

Does the Harley-Davidson motorcycle automatically come with an oil cooler?

Oil coolers are considered aftermarket additions to most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Their design is typically suited to allow the installation of these parts. You can visit your trusted local provider of oil coolers and have specialists helping you find the right oil cooler for your particular bike. Afterwards, the Harley-Davison oil cooler installation can then be performed by experienced technicians to get your motorcycle running at top efficiency in no time at all.

With a top-notch oil cooling system in your motorcycle and the expert work and support of dedicated oil cooler providers, your Harley-Davidson can continue demonstrating impressive performance on the road for years to come.

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