Typically, a motorcycle can last for 12 to 15 years as long it has not figured in any accident or major falls. This vehicle’s lifespan can also become longer if you own a high-end bike and you have been diligent with its upkeep and maintenance. Replacing your motorcycle parts can greatly help with this.

To keep motorbikes in the best condition possible, they must be given special attention. Investing in the right motorcycle parts, especially when there is a need to, is crucial in prolonging the life of your bike.

Key Motorcycle Parts to Regularly Check

Regularly checking key bike parts is important to determine when it’s time to replace them. Below are the essential motorbike parts you need to check frequently, particularly before taking your bike out for a drive, to know if you need to replace them immediately.

Brake pads

Whenever you squeeze the brake lever on your bike, this action triggers a series of events in the brake system. It causes the brake pads to pass against the rotors to stop the motorcycle. Due to regular wear and tear, the brake pads will eventually corrode.

To safely ride your two-wheeled vehicle, regularly check your brake pads. If they have become thinner than 2mm, you need to have them replaced quickly.


Always check your tires before taking them out. Look for cracks, cuts and punctures, and signs of over- and under-inflation. If you see these, it’s time to bring your bike to your mechanic. Also, don’t waste time replacing your tire when the depth of the tread is already worn down to 1 to 2mm.

In case the tread wear on your tire still isn’t too bad after years of use, to make sure your bike is still safe for use on the roads, replace them after five years.


Your motorcycle runs on gas and its battery. Although most motorbikes have maintenance-free batteries, you can still get an assurance that this part is functioning properly by having the battery’s electrolyte level checked when you get an oil change.

Motorcycle batteries usually have a shelf life of two years. After this period, you need to have them replaced.

Fork oil

The fork is the part of the motorcycle that connects the main frame to the front wheel and axle. This part, which consists of two tubes, houses the fork oil and is sealed completely. The fork oil helps prevent the bike from being affected by bumps or unevenness in the road.

It also plays an important role in lubricating the components of the bike that are used when it is in motion. You should have the fork seals replaced immediately if you see oil leaking out of the tubes. The fork oil should also be replaced during your bike’s annual mechanical check-up.

Bike chain, drive shafts, and belts

The bike chain, belts, and drive shafts are three of the most durable parts of any motorcycle. They typically have a life expectancy of 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, you have to make sure that the bike chain isn’t too slack and that it is always well-oiled. It is also important to keep it clean.

Ask your mechanic whether it’s time to change it, or if it is too slack and has to be tightened.

Spark plugs

Motorcycle spark plugs have to be replaced when your bike reaches 10,000 miles. If you notice an excessively wide gap, eroded center wire, or ground electrode, or their combination, you also need to remove the spark plug immediately.

Motorcycle Parts to Upgrade

Investing in the best bike upgrades can also prolong the life of your motorcycle and even improve its performance.

Oil cooling system

Also known as a fan-assisted oil cooler, this accessory controls and maintains the oil temperature of your engine. With this addition, you can be sure that the engine is protected at all times and that it runs smoothly even during the hottest weather conditions.

This system can be installed in different models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and other brands or models of V-twin motorcycles.


Aftermarket rearsets are adjustable and will enable you to fine tune your lower body’s position on the bike. As such, you can sit more comfortably and firmly anchor yourself to your machine. Because of the more solid base, your upper body is free to do a better job of operating the controls and turning the bike.

Auxiliary lighting

If you regularly use your motorcycle at night, in the late fall and winter, it has to be outfitted with the right lights. LED lights can make riding at night more accessible. Halogen lights are also popular options, but LED ones offer more advantages such as less energy consumption, longevity, smaller size, and low cost.

Motorcycle cover

Lastly, your bike also needs sufficient protection even if you’re not using it. A good quality motorcycle cover can provide the protection it needs. During winter, it is best to use a waterproof cover. This accessory is particularly useful in protecting your bike from harsh weather conditions, especially during the cold, wet months.

On and off road, always take the time to check and maintain your motorcycle. Also, don’t hesitate to invest in new parts or accessories your bike needs so you can get the most out of your two-wheel ride.

Regularly replacing and maintaining motorcycle parts can help lengthen the life of your motorcycle. Click here to get started with UltraCool Oil Cooling Systems today!