5 Tips for Motorcycle Riding In Extreme Heat

by May 5, 2018Motorcycle Tips

Motorcycle riding in extreme heat is a pain in the ass. I think anyone would agree with me when I say that. The long hours under the prickly sun make tours and long rides less enjoyable for any biker. It ruins the experience of cruising the US-50 — the “the loneliest road in America” — in Nevada.  It just isn’t as calming as it is when the weather’s more pleasant.

Aside from the discomfort and dehydration, your Harley’s engine is also more prone to overheating and damage. Enduring the elements is tolerable enough. Sure, dismiss heat stroke. But when your Harley is threatened? It’s a different story.

However, this shouldn’t keep you out of the road. What is a man if he doesn’t conquer nature? You can still enjoy your time motorcycle riding in extreme heat if you just need to apply these 5 smart tips.

And here they are:


How to Survive Motorcycle Riding In Extreme Heat

Keep Hydrated

An average person sweats between 0.8 to 1.4 liters per hour when trying to cool the body off — typical in extreme heat. However, some people who aren’t used to hot weather can sweat 1 to 8 pounds per hour!

So, how many do you drink to replace that again?

Staying hydrated is important. The electrolytes and fluids help keep headaches, dizziness, and temper away from you while you’re on the road. That’s very helpful especially if you’re nursing a bad hangover from last night (which is basically dehydration, anyway).

You should carry water with you at all times. Wear a camelback. Keep a water bottle with you. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out.

And last thing: coffee isn’t water. Whiskey isn’t water. Water is water. Don’t just drink any fluid thinking it’ll work for you. Just chug down a glass of plain water. Maybe add an ice cube or two. It’s good for you. Hell, you shouldn’t even be drinking whiskey if you’re riding your motorcycle.

Wear Motorcycle Jackets For Hot Weather Riding

Do you know what bikers wear leather for? No, it’s not just a fashion statement. Leather is one of the best traditional clothing materials that can effectively block both sun damage and reverse wind-chill. If you’re not digging leather, there are other options for you (like mesh jackets, wind-breakers, etc.)

Although it seems intuitive that you should dress down for hot weather, it’s not the case for riding motorcycles. You should dress with something that’s breathable so your sweat can evaporate. However, it should still cover you enough to protect you against the sun. The science behind it is quite hifalutin, so we might make a separate article for that. Subscribe to our website so you know when it drops!


Cross Tar Snakes Safely

It’s not only the riders who are vulnerable to extreme heat. An extremely hot climate can also cause roads to wear and tear more intensely. It’s easier for them to develop long cracks and potholes on their asphalt. But since it always happens frequently, it’s not practical to have the road reworked consistently.

That’s why tar snakes exist.

Nevada, much like other states with hot climates, uses a soft tar-based material as a filling for road cracks. If you’ve noticed random black snake-like lines on the road, you’ve seen these.

These tar snakes have a different texture, elevation, and make-up than the rest of the asphalt on the road. Plus, if it’s very hot outside, it melts to a slick and sticky texture. If you’re riding a car, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But on a Harley, you’re only held upright by two wheels. These end up causing so much more trouble. If you’re not careful, these will cause an accident!

Next time you encounter these tar snakes on the road, pass through them at a 90-degree angle so it hits your tire perpendicularly. You’ll minimize slipping that way. After that, there’s not much you can do but the basics. Drive at a cautious speed. Keep a relaxed grip. And when your bike wobbles, don’t panic.


Get A Fan Assisted Oil Cooler

Your Harley is made to be a long-time partner for your journey ahead of you. They’re to be badass, but they’re not invulnerable. Motorcycles suffer from heat, too. You should take care of them.

Some people might tell you that fan assisted oil coolers are unnecessary. “If your motorcycle really needed it, Harley Davidson would have installed one for you!” Yeah, fair — if you’re not living in the middle of a desert. We’re talking about Nevada here. If you don’t take extra measures to relieve your Harley from extreme heat, you’ll cause irreversible damage to your engine.

You don’t need to do much. A fan assisted oil cooler should be enough to make sure your motorbike’s only as hot as it needs to be. Take it from the satisfied many. You should buy one, install one, and never look back.