With the spring season already here it’s a perfect opportunity to get your bike out of storage and experience motorcycle rides in California. Whether the motorcycle trips are just a weekend long or are several days, getting out and riding with fresh spring air can’t be beaten. With that in mind the question of where to go, what to see, and so on might come up.

Below are some of best places to consider when planning motorcycle trips in California.

Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay:

A beautiful and scenic roadway, the Big Sur section of the coastal highway provides many different attractions for the motorcycle trips. Crashing waves, towering redwoods, and plenty of twists and curves to keep you excited. This cliff side highway spans 120 miles and has numerous turnouts for enjoying the view.

California Route 36:

Running for 140 miles east and west, Route 36 is one of the longest stretches of twisting road in California. Couple that with few roadside amenities like gas stations or restaurants make this a trip to prepare for. It is all made worth it for the great scenery, interesting roads, and relaxing ride.

Crystal Lake Route 39:

If you find yourself near Los Angeles why not try a ride that will cool you down? Heading North towards Route 39 will show the altitude steadily increasing as you ride to the top. The usually light amounts of traffic paired with a somewhat short distance, 23 miles, make Route 39 a perfect weekend motorcycle trip just to get away.

California 108:

CA 108 is a road trip hard to match, with nearly 80 miles starting from Sonora to the base of Mt. Patterson. Featuring snowy mountain peaks, wild flower filled meadows, waterfalls, and plenty of wildlife. This is definitely a road suited to an experienced rider, few road-side stations and steep, narrow roads will be one of the more challenging motorcycle trips.

The next time the familiar itch to get on a bike and ride creeps up try out any of these great routes. Get prepared and head out of a great weekend or vacationing opportunity. But remember safety comes first and many of these routes have limited to no cell phone reception. So if any of these potential motorcycle trips interest you consider some time to go and check out the Ultracool Oil Cooler right for your bike. Click here to see just how Ultracool Oil Systems can make your next trip.