Much as you’d like to ride your precious bike all year round, unfortunately, taking it out for even a quick spin during winter can be quite a hassle, if not outright dangerous.

Of course, you cannot simply park your motorcycle in your garage and wait for spring. In order to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure that your ride is ready for spring, you need to take the necessary steps involved in motorcycle winter storage. Here are the steps involved in heated motorcycle storage that you need to know.

Give your bike a thorough clean up.

Sure, nobody will see you onboard your bike for a few months. However, thorough clean up prior to storage will ensure that there will be no permanent damage to the surface and finish of your bike throughout winter. After giving it a good wash, make sure to completely dry it. After drying, apply a coat of wax to keep moisture and rust at bay.

Replace oil and filter.

In order to ensure that you can immediately take your bike out for a spin come spring time, you need to change both its oil and its filter. Even if your bike will be stored for a few months, its engine will still need protection. Give it a light coating of oil to protect against moisture. You should also remove the spark plugs and put engine oil into the holes where these go.

Prevent rusting and binding by lubricating moving parts.

The buildup of moisture can cause both binding and rusting. The best way to prevent these is to lube all moving parts prior to storage. These include fork surfaces, chain drives, cables, controls and pivot points.

Top up your fuel.

In order to prevent the rusting of gas tanks and prevent the breakdown of the pump gas, you need to make sure that your bike gets a full tank before storage. After that, you need to add a fuel stabilizer.

Unplug the batteries.

Batteries can self-discharge when left unused for an extended period of time. You can either disconnect the battery from your bike or use devices that can keep the battery charged during storage.

Prevent flat spots.

Invest in a sturdy motorcycle stand that will prevent flat spots. Alternatively, you can lift the rear tire from the ground or simply rotate both tires every few weeks.

Keep exhaust pipes and air filters plugged.

Prevent rodents and other creatures from dwelling inside these by using plugs or colored bags.

Use antifreeze for the coolant system.

If the area where your bike will be stored has a temperature below freezing point, use anti-freeze to prevent a cracked head.

Invest in a good cover.

Prevent dust, moisture, corrosion and rust from damaging your bike by covering it with a quality motorcycle cover.