Must-Have Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gear and Accessories (Don’t Ride Without It)

by Jun 12, 2018Harley Davidson, Motorcycle Tips

There’s no better way to travel on land than on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. An uneventful daily commute is upgraded into a stimulating ride. Sure, there are higher stakes involved compared to riding a minivan. But isn’t that why you look forward to these trips? It’s the adventure. And like a real adventurer, you need to make sure that you’re set out for the journey. No warrior travels without their armor. Likewise, no decent biker rides out without the proper motorcycle gear and accessories.

You don’t need to buy everything out there in the market. You only need to buy the must-haves. Here’s a quick refresher on the Harley Davidson motorcycle gear and accessories that you absolutely need:


5 Essential Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gear and Accessories


Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is the most important gear for your motorcycle. You should not ride your motorcycle without it. Most fatalities and serious injuries happen because someone felt brave enough to leave their helmets off that day.

Even when you think you can handle yourself, it only takes a side-sweeping SUV to humble you fast. Just don’t do it.

Get the right fit. Choose carefully between round oval, long oval, or an intermediate oval. Make sure it wraps firmly around your head. You don’t want a loose helmet jingle-jangling on your head when you’re on the highway. Not only is it annoying, it also looks ridiculous.

Choose an appropriate type of motorcycle helmet. If you’re not familiar with it already, there are at least six types of motorcycle helmet in the market — each of them with their own pros and cons.

If you’re riding a Harley Davidson, you probably want an open face helmet or a half helmet. These helmets still allow for some ventilation and protection. You will still enjoy the cool air breezing on your face. Although, half helmets are only half the protection. The impact resistance wouldn’t be as good as a full-face helmet.

We will cover this in depth in a future blog post, so stay tuned!


Proper Motorcycle Riding Attire

Leather jacket, leather gloves, raw denim, and leather boots — not only do these look gorgeous and sexy, it’s also practical.

When you’re bailing out of a motorcycle, you will instinctively reach out your hands to try and prop yourself up from the ground. If you’re not padded, you will suffer from painful road rash on your palms.

It’s the same thing with a jacket, denim, and boots. You want to keep a thick layer between your skin and the asphalt when things get out of control.

Note on the boots: Wear something with padding on the sides of the ankles. That’s usually the first to impact the ground if you’re falling out of difficult turn. Unpadded boots won’t do anything to help that.


Fan Assisted Oil Cooler for Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

It doesn’t take much to keep a Harley Davidson from running smoothly. Harley Davidsons are very reliable if you keep it well-maintained. And I don’t mean monthly expensive trips to the shop, I’m talking about yearly basic tune-ups and oil change. But if you’re driving in an area where your engine always exposed to incredible temperature, your Harley is more vulnerable to overheating.

A good rider is proactive. Make sure to invest in a quality fan assisted oil cooler for your Harley Davidson. The peace of mind and an overall increase in performance are good returns. Moreover, your wallet will be thanking you in the long-run as you avoid the regular visits to the shop for heat-related complications.


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The next three accessories — motorcycle radio, motorcycle driving lights, and motorcycle cover — have already been covered in a previous 2016 article. You should check out the article, but we’re also putting a summary of them here for your convenience.


Motorcycle Radio

If you often go on group motorcycle rides, a motorcycle radio is a great way to secure a line of communication between you and your buddies. It’s impossible to talk to each other on a speeding highway, no matter how hard you shout. The motorcycle radio is the best solution in the market. However, don’t just get a walkie-talkie. There are specific hands-free voice-activated gadgets made for motorcycles — one where you latch onto your motorcycle helmet. That way, you can communicate without taking your hands away from the handlebar.


Motorcycle Driving Lights

If you ride outside brightly-lit cities, you’re best off buying motorcycle driving lights. These special driving lights cast a brighter and wider light than stock driving lights. You will see better at night, and the cars won’t have any excuse to “not see you” on the highway.


Motorcycle Cover

Want to preserve your Harley’s beauty? Motorcycle covers are one of the best investments you can make to keep your bike looking new — especially if you often park your bike out in the open. A tough waterproof sheet will shield your bike from dust, critters, and weather.

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