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Automotive Plastic & Rubber Restoration Kit

Plastic Renew® is a complete plastic & rubber restoring kit. Fading and discoloring is removed by using the steel wool supplied in the kit.

Auto Renew Before After

Plastic Renew® is applied with the applicator towel.

Two to three coats of Plastic Renew® brings out a brilliant shine that will last for years.

This product will not come off with normal washing.

This kit completely shines the interior and exterior of most full size vehicles.

To remove fading or discoloring, buff with steel wool and water.

Rinse and dry.

Evenly apply Plastic Renew® to the entire area.

It may take several coats for desired results.

Auto Directions

Plastic Renew® Works Great On all Exterior and Interior Plastic & Rubber Parts (except tires):

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