Pro Seal Kawasaki KX 65/80/85/100/112, Yamaha YZ 80/85, Suzuki RM 65/100 (PC6)


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  • KX65 (00-24)
  • KX80/85 (91-24)
  • KX100 (95-21)
  • KX112 (22-24)


  • YZ 80/85 (93-24)


  • RM 65/100 (03-06)

Tired of the hassle and mess of air filter grease? PC Racing’s Pro-Seal is the answer for a perfect filter to air box seal without the use of messy grease. This neoprene gasket adheres to the rim** inside the motorcycle’s air box. The neoprene material creates a larger sealing surface and has memory for a perfect seal time after time. Due to the adhesives that are not affected by gas and oils, the Pro-Seal will not separate from the air box once installed. The Pro-Seal is available for most off road motorcycles.

** Some applications do not have a rim.


1. Thoroughly clean the rim with a strong degreaser to remove all oil and grease residue.
2. Peel backing paper off the Pro-Seal
3. Lightly align the Pro-Seal
4. Once the Pro-Seal is aligned, press firmly for a perfect fit.

Works great with:
FLO Air Filters

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