Pro Seal Universal (PC10X)


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PC10X Universal

8-inch square piece of the Pro-Seal material to be self cut for applications other than Pro-Seals #1 – #9.

Tired of the hassle and mess of air filter grease? PC Racing’s Pro-Seal is the answer for a perfect filter to air box seal without the use of messy grease. This neoprene gasket adheres to the rim** inside the motorcycle’s air box. The neoprene material creates a larger sealing surface and has memory for a perfect seal time after time. Due to the adhesives that are not affected by gas and oils, the Pro-Seal will not separate from the air box once installed. The Pro-Seal is available for most off road motorcycles.** Some applications do not have a rim.

Pro-Seal #10 (Universal) – Cutting Instructions
Remove and clean the plastic rim from the air filter. 2) Place the rim on top of the Pro-Seal material with the black side up. 3) Use a marker to trace the shape of the air filter rim onto the Pro-Seal material. 4) Use scissors or other cutting devise to cut ¼ to ½ inch away from the trace you made so that the Pro-Seal shape you make is ½ to 1 inch wide depending on the need of your application. 5) Do not remove the paper backing until you checked the fit inside the air box. Trim if necessary. 6) Follow installation instructions on package.


1. Thoroughly clean the rim with a strong degreaser to remove all oil and grease residue.
2. Peel backing paper off the Pro-Seal
3. Lightly align the Pro-Seal
4. Once the Pro-Seal is aligned, press firmly for a perfect fit.

Works great with:
FLO Air Filters

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